16 March 2013

Skyfire 2013

It is no secret that I love fireworks! 

I love the squeak they make as they shoot up into the sky, 
I love the bang as they explode 
and I love the array of colours they spread across the sky. 
I'm hooked!

Had a wonderful evening picnicing and sky gazing with some devine company.
Never stop looking.

14 March 2013


Spent my first full day operating this mill, which has been part of the family business for so many years. When I was little, and we would spend time at the workshop (which at that time was 40 minutes away and not part of our home block.) I would turn these handles just the smallest amount, they just ask for you to play with them. I couldn't help but feel a little like the Doctor trying to fly the Tardis by himself, as I kept forgetting which way to turn the handles with which way that would move the bed of the machine, and in turn my job. My dad is a total pro on here, he would definitely drive the Tardis single handed... He just doesn't know it yet.

I learned something new today, it was a good day.