03 August 2012


Hello Sweeties, 

You know those days when you have a thought on your mind that wont shake? Well, today this was on my heart...

Courage is a strange thing. It can be there without us knowing, yet a lack of it can hold us prisoners in our own lives. 

Sometime courage gets mixed up with stupid, yes I'm talking to you skydiver, wild animal tamer, hornets nest poker. True courage can be disguised as showing up, finding it within your heart to forgive. It takes courage to follow our dreams, when all odds say we will fail. Courage is taking that first step, its allowing your voice to speak your truth. The biggest illusion I have found is people think that courage takes a long time. Yet the honest truth is it only takes a few short seconds of courage to change your situation. What follows is the worlds reaction to a moment of utter fearlessness. 

Taking that second of courage doesn't mean that you suddenly don't fear the things that have kept you bound, it means that you have made a choice to no longer allow that fear to keep you from where you want to be. 

If there was a way I could harness the amazing freedom of courage, to remind me how wonderful it feels to take charge of your own way. That I might be more courageous in my every day. Instead of the lukewarm wimp I know my heart to be. Courage is believing in something enough to do it despite the negativity of reactions. Courage is standing up for something, deciding that no matter what happens after this moment of discomfort in admitting your truth, in standing up to your daemon you will follow your heart. 

Courage is not proud, nor does it gloat. Courage hides in small moments, it doesn't always let you know that its there. 

Thank you for listening to (reading) my rant.