26 November 2011

There Are Days

There are days when jobs can wait to be finished,
When hair can go uncombed.
There are days when God's blessings overwhelm me,
When my heart swells.
There are days when the sun shines brighter,
When clouds cannot be found.
There are days for adventure,
When these days come it is best to share them with someone you love.

I Love these days.

15 November 2011

Nano Snippet

I couldn't bring myself to start reading over my current Nano novel, 
(knowing that there would be too many things I'd want to change about it.) 
However I so wanted to share some Nano with you. So here is a snippet from last years novel. 
I'd love to know what you think!

“Marry me!” He pleaded as he had come to the end of the page, upon which had been laid a thought of her mind. 

“Marry you?” she repeated in the silence that followed such a question. 

“Yes!' He urged, "Because I don’t understand it, and it might take me my lifetime to understand. I want that knowledge, I want to understand you, almost as much as I just want you to be in my life daily. To understand one such as yourself, to look at the deeper side of existence, to have you would be the completeness of my soul. Take me on this journey with you, let us discover it together...’

There followed an awkward silence. All he could hear was his heart beating now from within his brain; And she, dizzy with the thousand thoughts jumping all at once upon her, mouth dry, hands becoming sweaty. 

Suddenly nothing... All thoughts had fled, not one left to distract her from the look behind his eyes. 
“What if you never find your answers? What when you don’t feel you want to know anymore? What if you come to the end of your search to find you went looking for nothing, that there is no more to me then what you see of me right now??”  The words came rolling over each other in their rush to escape her lips. Tears had found their own way down her cheeks, her skin bumpy and trembling.

He smiled, “Then I would have been blessed to have spent my time with what you have already laid upon my sad self. I would have walked with the angels.”

Sunshine and roses,

09 November 2011

Wardrobe LOVE: Nano Nerd

I promised myself that I wouldn't abandon this space for the sake of Nano, and I plan on keeping to that.
Week one of Nano proved to be more successful than it has been in past years. Although not on my ideal word count, I am happily writing my way to 50,000 words.
(For those of you who may not know, Nanowrimo is a month long challenge to write a 50,000 word novel) This will be my third year taking part in the crazy; I've got a good feeling that third time will be the charm!


The days have definitely started getting hot here now, and I've been enjoying bringing out all the summery things. Especially these bow shoes!

Happy Wednesday to you all,

Nano word count: 9,341!