25 August 2010

Lane One Form!!!

Simply HAD to share with you this (my very favourite) photo taken of my Tin-Man's big concert night, held on the 6th.

Doing their thing, in front of 1200 people. It was a wonderful performance, great feel, excellent night!

Who knows where it will go for them now, all I can tell you is Watch this Space, I'll keep you updated.

Now I can officially say I'm a FAN! (I have the shirt to prove it!)


03 August 2010

3rd August: 100 Things

I've realised, its not how great an idea (or project) someone has come up with. What is inspiring is when someone manages to keep to said idea; to finish what has been dreamed.

Whoever said dreams come true were easy.?

#21. Ride a carousel for an hour
#22. Read Shakespeare's full works
#23. Write every day for a year
#24. Host a surprise party
#25. Spend a night under the stars

I've added a few more things to my Living list, I challenge you to do the same.

War and Peace: Page 17/1358

02 August 2010

2nd August: Stormy days, stormy nights

The symbol of a promise made,
bright colours in a bow.
Never will the memory fade,
never will we know.

Of stormy days,
of stormy nights

Were they tears of God that covered the earth,
those forty nights and days.
Mankind proving of no worth
no point for sunshine rays.

So stormy days,
so stormy nights.

The start of something I've been working on. It feels so good to create again. Like visiting and old friend, like finding a little piece of who you are, of what you've forgotten to be.

War and Peace: Page 17/1358

01 August 2010

1st August: The PLAN

Gosh I've missed this place!

August is proving to be quite an eventful month; and its only just begun.
I have tickets to gigs, a short (however still exciting) visit planned,and as is always the case many projects in mind.

In light of the eventful nature of what shall follow, and my total lack of postings of late, I'll be posting a new post every day in August. Lets put the dancing shoes back on.

Number one big gig, most excited for, will be my Tin-man's Gig!! In what has been a whirl-wind of excitement, Tin-man won a spot in Scotty and Nige's Rock Band. Come Friday night I'll get to see him play his guitar to a (sold out) audience of 1200.
With 4 other supporting acts, and LANE ONE FORM's very first performance, its sure to be an enjoyable night.

I've recently acknowledged my lack (laziness) of all things creative, this has extended even to those activities that I most enjoy. Reading being one of the top three that has been discluded completely of late. Hence, I plan on working my way through "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy during August. It has been on my list of 'to read' for TOO long. The copy I've acquired is thick, and the writing small... I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Hoping this day finds you happy.

(I woke up to all the colours of the rainbow, wanted to share them with you)

War and Peace: Page 1/1358