29 October 2011

Mixing things up

As you may have seen upon arrival (for those of you who have been here before) I have given my space a little change. I enjoy rearranging  things.

I've included pages at the top for my familys two business, a quick history if you will. For I'm sure I've confused people in the past when trying to share both these sides of my life.
I would like for you to take a look.... (Please?)

Also I would love to know what you think of the new look?


26 October 2011

Wardrobe LOVE: 'Rock, Step, Kick!'

Have I mentioned, I've started swing dance lessons?!

This is what I wore to a 'frocktober' special swing social. I've always loved the clothing from the swing era, the music was 'happening' and the dancing itself is definitely one of the funnest ways to swish your skirt on the dance floor.

Despite my total lack of body coordination, I've been enjoying learning steps for the Lindy hop and Charleston.

'rock, step, trip-le-step, step, step, trip-le-step' is the new rhythm of my life.

5, 6, 7, 8...


22 October 2011


A little birdy is here to tell you of a very special lady!

Mam taught me pretty much everything I know.Never to give up, to be truthful, to be the better person.

Despite the fact that we may be from two different generations, I'm quite sure I could never find a more kindred soul to mine. We are two the same my Mam and me. We come from the same kind of pod.
I call her my FREAK, as so often we will be thinking along the same lines, or finding beauty in thoughts, words or objects at the exact moment.

I love working with her, sharing cups of tea while having discussions. Ever talking of future plans and goals. My Mam works harder then most people I know, she is the in-house Dr, the bookkeeper, peacemaker, organiser, event coordinator, business owner, pie maker. She is a true woman of substance...

Happy birthday FREAK!

My love and devotion,
Your daughter

P.S Go give my Mam some love over here!

19 October 2011

Drinkable LOVE

The sun has started to warm our days a little more, and this has resulted in lunch and 'smoko' breaks being enjoyed in our front courtyard/garden. 
In celebration of this new found warmth - a jug of blueberry iced tea.
I had never tried it with blueberries before, however the end result is a refreshing delightfully blushed treat.

How I did it...
Two lemons, juiced
300g (ish) of frozen blueberries
2.5 litres of water, boiled
8 Australian Breakfast tea bags (my favourite daily blend...!)
Caster sugar to taste.

Simmer lemon juice and blueberries for 5 minutes, till the berries turn soft.
Boil water, after boiling remove from heat.
Steep tea bags to desired strength.
Sift berry mix into 'tea'.
Add sugar to taste.

I added a few whole berries to my glass for extra decadents.


18 October 2011

Wardrobe LOVE

In my absence, thoughts of you have been chasing tail in my head. How I want to share my stories. If I could be so bold to say, how I long to encourage and inspire.

Wardrobe LOVE a new weekly topic to share what I'm loving (and wearing). 
I do not believe for a minute that I have 'perfect' styling, however a love of things (dare I use the word....) vintage, red and girly are some of what you'll see here.

My heart never grew out of the joy found in dress ups!

Lets have a tea, and try this on for size....