20 May 2012

Graphic Novels

It has been no secret throughout my life that I lean on the nerdy end of the scale. Upon arriving home the other night I broke it to my parents that I'd just tipped the scales a little more in favor of nerds.

This I have achieved by the new (to me) discovery of the awesomeness that is graphic novels.

I know to many friends of mine in the nerd realm this sounds totally absurd to only having realised this great national treasure... But hear me out.

In a book shop I am in my top element. Many are the hours I have spent going up and down aisle searching for my next favourite author. However, cross the threshold of a comic book store... Get bombarded by superhero's to the max, or some crazy cult series that I'd have no hope of ever truly enjoying. The honest truth, its been pretty daunting in there!

But all that has changed now, as new amazing comic nerd friend at comic book shop has opened my eyes to the amazing world of graphic novels. Where Neil Gaiman and Jane Austen have a place on the shelves. And the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is brought to life with the cutest of illustrations. 

Needless to say, I left there a with bag in hand.
My loot consisting of,
Mouse Guard - Fall 1152 by David Petersen. Gosh what a great story it is thus far. The art work is nothing short of adorable!

Wonder Struck by Brian Selznick. Same author who brought out Hugo. This book couldn't be more beautiful. The drawings within a perfect blend of lead to paper. Greatly looking forward to reading this one, quite certain there will be a review when I'm finished.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Baum - Shanower - Young. How could I resist?!

Off to do some reading now... 

12 May 2012


Meet my darling niece, Keiralea Anne.
By far the most placid baby I have ever come across. She has stolen each of our hearts, and holds them just as strongly as she holds eye contact.

 Please excuse my absence here, many personal / emotional things have been happening around our household of late. I'm sure you might understand that, I mean just look at this cutie! Definitely takes after her auntie! (LAUGHS)

Hoping you are all well, as I have truly missed the land of the blogging.
Coffee soon?!